Consumer profile- apple products | BUSI 332 – Consumer Behavior | Liberty University

Product Selected: Apple’s AirPods

Instructions below and rubric attached

Consumer Behavior Profile Assignment

For this assignment, you will need to select an existing product/service brand for which you will develop a consumer profile for one segment of the target market. Please select a product/service brand that you have not researched in previous courses/assignments, as repetitions will not be accepted. You will need to perform research to identify detailed information regarding demographics, psychographics, and behavior patterns for one segment the target market. It is important to identify both demographic and psychographic information, but keep in mind that customer behavior patterns are a much stronger predictor of the firm’s future relationship with the customer. You will use this profile in order to develop a marketing plan to increase demand/sales for the existing product/service brand in your Marketing Plan Assignment. 

*For this assignment, you have the option to either write a paper or to create a visual presentation using Adobe Spark Video. 

Paper Requirements:

Your submission must be at least 1,000 words and include the following:

(a)  A title page and reference page that comply with APA formatting requirements and an introduction and conclusion 

(b)  A paragraph providing a description of the selected product/service

(c)  A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journal article references in APA format that pertain to the topic

(d)  Detailed descriptions of consumer behavior in the following areas:

 i.  Demographics

ü  Age ranges

ü  Level of education

ü  Income ranges

ü  Location(s)

ü  Skill level(s)

ü  Other relevant demographics as applicable

 ii.  Psychographics (pp. 124-126 in Babin/Harris text)

ü  AIO statements (if you are unable to find existing AIO statements, please create them for the segment)

ü  Values and Lifestyles (VALS) or Potential Ratings Index by ZIP Market (PRIZM)

 iii.  Behavior Patterns

ü  How does the target consumer (TC) shop?

ü  Does the TC conduct any research prior to purchasing?

ü  Is the TC an impulse shopper or methodical shopper?

ü  Does the TC use the product/service in ways other than those advertised/intended? If so, how?

ü  How does the TC dispose of the product/service (if applicable)?

ü  Describe the TC’s postpurchase behavior

ü  Is the TC a repeat customer? Are they brand loyal or product loyal?