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Consumer Behaviour Analysis ReportAssessment type: Individual assessment containing 2 tasksValue: 30% of total marks made up of:Task 1 Interview notes 10%Task 2 Analysis Report 20%Due Date: Task 1 Interview records – add as an attachment to your report (Task 2)Task 2 Analysis Report – September 25th, 5.00 pmReport Submission: Step 1 – upload to Turnitin for similarity checkingUpload your submission to Turnitin for similarity checking – you will receivean email from Turnitin regarding access. This will be sent to the email givento KOI when enrolling. If you have not received this email by the end of week4, please contact your tutor immediately.Step 2 – upload to Moodle for markingOnce you are happy with the level of similarity, the assessment needs to beuploaded to Moodle for marking. The link for this will be in the top sectionof the subject home page in MoodleAssessment TopicYou are to interview 3 (three) different people regarding a recent purchase they have made – youcan use family or household members, or friends or class mates.The three purchases must be of different levels of purchase involvement –Person 1 = high involvement, Person 2 = medium involvement, Person 3 = low involvement.Items of a very personal or confidential nature should be excluded.Task 1You need to develop a series of questions (a questionnaire) which you can use to ask all three peopleabout their purchases – all three people need to be asked the same questions. You will need toattach a typed record of each interview to your report as Attachments 1, 2 and 3. It might beeasier to electronically record the interviews so you can transcribe the answers later.Your questions need to include:? Item Purchased and level of involvement – why is it this level?? Brand Name? Price? Place of Purchase? Other Descriptive Information as appropriate? Reason For Purchase: Product, brand and place – this will require several questions and shouldrelate to various consumer behaviour theory you have learnt in class and from your readingse.g. bought because of situational factors, learning, personality etc.? Feelings Associated with Purchase? Sufficient demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural questions to create a targetmarket description – the person you are interviewing is considered typical of a particularmarket segment.Task 2You now need to use this research as a marketer might do so.Task 2 is to prepare a report containing 3 parts, one covering the purchase made by each person.Part 1 should be the high involvement productPart 2 should be the medium involvement productPart 3 should be the low involvement product.For each Part (i.e. each person/product), describe the target market that the purchaser belongs tofor this type of purchase – use as many of the segmentation description variables as needed to givea detailed description of the typical purchaser. Provide a summary of the relevant information fromyour interviews and analyse the consumer behaviour involved in the purchase using appropriateconsumer behaviour to support your analysis.As the marketer of each of these products, explain how you can use the information gathered inyour research to improve the marketing of this product to the target market. You should considerwhat promotional messages you could use, and any other strategies that could be used to increasesales to the target market – these strategies could include packaging, pricing, sales promotions,distribution etc.Report Presentation Length 1000 – 1500 words for each part.- Title page containing report title and authorship – make it attractive.- Suitable heading and subheadings, including an introduction & conclusion.- High Involvement Purchase,- Medium Involvement Purchase and- Low Involvement Purchasecan be used for the main headings but suitable sub-headings need to be used also to identify thedifferent sections of the discussion.- Each main section should be concluded with Marketing Recommendation.- Harvard style body of report referencing and a bibliography.- Attachments containing the interview transcripts