Comm:3700- [u02a1] unit 2 assignment 1 webuwrite academy conflict

Webuwrite Academy Simulation

Watch the Webuwrite Academy simulation in its entirety. Throughout the course, you will be using this simulation for discussions and assignments. In this simulation, you will be invited into a fictitious company called Webuwrite Academy as a prospective intern. You will have the chance to meet employees of this company at a board room meeting; then you will find out what the employees really think of the company and of each other.

As you view this simulation, think about the interpersonal and organizational conflicts at Webuwrite. You will be asked to analyze these conflicts throughout the course. In addition, think of parallels between conflicts at Webuwrite and conflicts you have experienced or observed in your own professional experience. Organizational conflict is a main emphasis in this course, and you will be asked to think about and evaluate organizational conflicts from your own working life as this course progresses.