Coaching contracts | Law homework help

As the current athletic director at an NCAA Division I university,  you are in the process of negotiating an employment contract with Will  Wynn, your new head football coach.

In  500-750 words,  answer the following elements in your role as athletic director in order  to protect the university’s interests in the contract.

  1. Discuss  the purpose of the reassignment clause and whether it is in the  university’s best interest to have this in the contract with Wynn. If  you attempt to reassign a coach and there is no reassignment clause  permitting this, what may be the legal outcome?
  2. Discuss the  covenant not to compete (restrictive covenant) and how you may use it to  your benefit in the contract with Wynn. Discuss whether you would  include a “nonrecruit” clause as part of the restrictive covenant.
  3. Would the university prefer to have a stated term in years or a rollover clause? Explain.
  4. Discuss five other clauses that you would like to incorporate into the coaching contract to protect the university’s interests.