class-english 1302. can you do my forum posting: textbook chapters


Can you do my  Forum posting: textbook chapters on writing process, and how to analyze literature.


                                                                                What to read 

I am asking you to summarize four textbook chapters. Most of each chapter is made up of the stories and the poems and the student sample writings related to them. I am NOT asking you to summarize all of that. I am just asking you to tell me what you learned about responding to literature and about writing in these chapters. That is, the specific notes that the textbook authors give you–the how to’s. 


Required Textbook:


Literature for Composition. Tenth EditionEds. Barnet, Burto, and Cain. Pearson/Longman, 2013. You may use an earlier edition (8th or 9th), but page numbers, and even some chapters, will be different, so I will use chapter titles and subheadings to help you. Use the Table of Contents at the beginning of the book and the Index at the end of the book, and you should be fine. 


                                                                                  What to write 

Summarize what you consider to be the main points about writing from the following chapters in your textbook:

Chapter 1 “How to Write an Effective Essay: A Crash Course”

Chapter 2 “The Writer as Reader”

Chapter 3 “The Reader as Writer”

Chapter 7 “Reading literature Closely: Analysis”

{NOTE: if you have earlier editions, your chapter numbers may not correspond, so look for the titles instead}


Identify your 4 sections with subheadings: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 7. You will probably have as many as 20 main ideas to present in total from these 4 chapters. The ideas need to be summarized in your own words. I do not want you just to pick random sentences and list them. I want to see some understanding of the ideas, which requires that you summarize in your own words.