Case study 2: data management in an organization

In this case study assignment, write-up on one of the three cases: the UPS case (SB text, Chapter 5&9), Travelers (SB text, Chapter 6) or RapidSOS (SB text, Chapter 9). Typical length is 3 pages and must include the reference and citations, both of which need to be in APA format.

Travelers. The student should check the Travelers website ( Travelers Insurance utilizes a wide variety of spatially-reference data from a variety of sources, in order to predict future losses, deploy assets to emergency locations, and for other purposes. The write-up needs to discuss these diverse data sources, how accurate you consider information is, and what the location value and cost savings stem from having the data.

UPS. The student should check the UPS website ( The write-up needs to emphasize how UPS succeeded finally with the large-scale ORION system, how data sources power ORION, what some of the problems were in the past 15 years in developing and succeeding with the spatial software, and how useful and competitive you think the final arrangement was.

RapidSOS. The student should check the RapidSOS website ( Using multiple resources of data, RapidSOS builds the emergency response data platform to help first responders get the data they need to save more lives. A short video is recommended to watch: The write-up needs to

emphasize the data management view of their emergency response data platform, including data sources, data integration, and data analytics.