Campaign project: research and planning | COM 318 | Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

 create persuasive campaign messages as well as a plan for distributing these messages in order to persuade individuals in favor of your issue stance. 

For this assignment, begin by thinking about something that matters to you. You should select an issue or topic for which you think you can persuade someone to your side. Select a topic/issue and position that you care about and want to spend the semester exploring.

Once you’ve selected an issue that you’d like to address for your Campaign Project, start researching it. Find some background information about the issue. Find out the context behind the issue. What are the potential sides to the issue? Could someone be persuaded to your side of the issue? Include one paragraph explaining the issue you’ve selected and what viewpoints may exist for that issue. You’ll also need to make an argument for why this issue needs more attention. Why is this issue important? Include at least one paragraph justifying why the issue you’ve selected should be the focus of a persuasive campaign, using research to support your argument. You need to include at least three strong sources to justify your arguments.

Once you’ve selected and researched your issue, think about which group of people you’d like to address with your Campaign Project. Who will be your audience? How will you target that audience? Think of specific ways to reach that group of people. Then begin thinking about what types of messages might resonate with that group of people.

Then write two paragraphs explaining your planning process. First, explain your audience. Justify the group of people you’re focusing on using information you’ve found through research. Second, detail your plan for approaching that audience. Explain exactly how you’ll contact these people (i.e., the type of communication you’ll use), how often you’ll attempt to communicate with them, etc. Make sure to support your arguments with research. You need to include at least two strong sources to justify your selections.

Be sure to read the attached document to see the full rubric for this assignment.


Select an issue or topic that interests you
Research that issue
Make an argument for why that issue matters
Determine an audience for your persuasive attempt
Consider how you’ll communicate with that audience
Research your audience and your mode of communication
Make an argument for why your plan will be effective in persuading your audience about your issue
Support your arguments with sources (at least five sources are required)
Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Length: 500-700 words

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