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Below is homework #2 and attached is the Study Guide. ; The Study Guide is on BB; the homework will be open on Monday.   I will go over the homework on Monday.

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Homework Due 10/20 Beachboard via Dropbox

 and not accepted after that date.

No homework will be accepted that is in hard copy form or by Email. You must submit through Beachboard Dropbox.

1.  Go online and find the official site for registering any of the Intellectual Property types in the chapter. Briefly in your own words (2 sentences), write out what one needs to do including paying any fees or costs. Attach the website page that you found. (Screen Shot, Capture, Etc.)

2. Explain in two paragraphs what Environmental Law is and why we need it. You will have to do some brief research using our text book (Chapter 22) and if you want you may in addition to the textbook use any other governmental source you choose.

3. IRAC Case 18.1

Drake Manufacturing Co. v. Polyflow, Inc.

To help you: Look at IRAC handout under Contents and Appendix A end of chapter1; Also Appendix A at end of textbook.

4.  Find a current news story concerning any Administrative Agency. Attach the story by screen shot, capture, cut and paste and write a few sentences summarizing it.