Brainstorming topics | Management homework help

To Do:

First, brainstorm ideas/topics.  Make a list of at least four topics, and comment on the list and possibilities.  If you have questions or concerns about a topic, this is where you can have them addressed.  

Second, complete an initial search for materials.  Remember, you may use any materials we’ve used in our class.  But more than likely, you will need to conduct some research related to your topic.

Third, list your texts here.  (Minimum of Four)  At this point, they do not have to be in APA format, but at least 2 of them should be scholarly in nature.  

Finally, submit your ideas/sources to your instructor in the assignment submission area. Once you have received approval for your sources, you may continue forward.  

Note:  As you continue work on your report, you may find a need to add or subtract sources.  That is fine.  But as you add, just double-check with your instructor.

This is a brainstorm opportunity, and students may share and communicate with the professor.  So, credit will be given  for work completion. (No specific rubric).  Contact your professor with questions!