Badm370ip3 | Operations Management homework help

400- 600 words, APA 7 format, in-text citation, Use at least two (3) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please write in the present tense. Please provide a copy of all references used. 

**I have attached a sample assignment for reference and 6 articles that can be used as references. 

 in-text: Colorado technical university (2023)

citation: Colorado Technical University Online. (2023). BADM370 Phase 1 multimedia course material: Quality Management [Multimedia presentation]. Retrieved from Colorado Technical University Online, Virtual Campus, BADM370-2301A:

Assignment Description 

Continue working on your training manual. Complete the following tasks for your project

  • Week 3: General Quality Strategies and Tools (400–500 words) 
  • Create a comparative table that shows the various definitions, risks, and value of each of the following quality management tactics:
    • Establishing customer expectations
    • Designing quality
    • Defining metrics
    • Mistake-proofing
    • Kaizen
    • Six Sigma
  • If there are other tactics you would prefer to address, feel free to switch out up to two of the above with others you find.
  • Be sure you are adding at least three new cited references with this submission.