Assignment 7 – e-r model work

we have developed the E-R model for the Highline University database. See below for a copy of the final data model (created in MS Visio) we developed in class. After you have reviewed the E-R model, create a relational database design for the model. 

  1. For each entity in the E-R model, specify a table structure, determine the data types and additional column properties, identify primary keys and foreign keys, and verify normalization on the resulting tables. Refer to the metadata table of Figure 5-26 on page 312, Chapter 5 in the textbook as a guide for format to document detailed column properties.
  2. Document referential integrity constraint enforcement actions and any business rules that you think are important. Use the provided RI table template below to fill in as appropriate (similar to part of your team project D3 requirements). You can also refer to Figure 5-29 on page 317, Chapter 5 in the textbook for an example.


Note: Use the following referential integrity table template for question 2 of the assignment.


Referential Integrity Constraint

Cascading Behavior