Assignment 4-5 slides 10 mins

A.Describe the issue and scope of the problem. In approximately 4-5 slides, give data about the issue. You can include pictures in your slides and a link to a video that you find. 

B.How could worldviews, specifically a Christian worldview and perspective affect this issue? 

In approximately 3-4 slides, list ways that a Christian worldview (and other perspectives if you like) relate to or address this issue.

C.What is your perspective on the issue? 

In approximately 3 slides, give your thoughts and beliefs about the issue.

D.What are some possible solutions to the problem? 

In approximately 4 slides, list solutions for this issue or problem.

E.As a leader, what solutions could you implement to solve this problem?

If you were a leader that could influence this issue, perhaps as a world or local political, professional, or business leader, what solutions would you put in place to help solve this issue or problem? Use approximately 3-4 slides to answer this question.

F.What specifically can each of us do in our lives to help solve this problem? 

What can the everyday citizen do to help solve this problem or issue? In approximately 3 slides, list your suggestions.

Note: The number of slides per question is only a suggestion but you should include at least as many as suggested. A PowerPoint slide can have bullets or be listed in sentences. Each slide would generally have no more than one-third of a page (or less) of information on it. You are free to use more slides in your PowerPoint Presentation. This is just to give you a framework and idea of what is required for this assignment.

Grading is based on 5 criteria: Oral Presentation Style; Data on your topic; Visuals; Critical Thinking/Worldview Analysis; Recommendations for Solutions.