Assignment 2: Enhancing Organizational Structure

I am Team Member A and we are using Quest Diagnostics.  Can anyone help?


In this module, your team will identify whether the structure of your selected organization is conducive
to effective operational planning and suggest solutions to make it work or work better. Further, the team will create a plan for implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the solutions identified. Your team will present its findings as a mini business plan, four to five pages long, which can be integrated into the outline of your business plan for the course project.

By Monday, March 3, 2014, select a new team leader for this module and begin research and brainstorming to identify problems related to the structure of your selected organization. Here are some questions that could help you diagnose problems related to the structure of your selected organization:

  1. Is there a relationship between an aspect of the structure and a problem in the business?
  2. Is there a breakdown in any component of the structure?
  3. Is the structure a framework or a product of the way the organization does business?

By Tuesday, March 4, 2014, complete the first column, Problem/Opportunity Identified, in the Project Submission form, which is available in the Doc Sharingarea. Provide the details of the problem or opportunity identified and your rationale for considering these in the first section of your mini business plan.

By Wednesday, March 5, 2014, complete the second column, Solution Identified, for each problem or opportunity in the Project Submission form. Provide details of each solution with your rationale in the second section of your mini business plan. Be sure to include references to case studies, personal experiences, or other sources of information that you might have based your solutions on.

By Thursday, March 6, 2014, complete the third column, Resource Needs or Constraints, related to the problem(s)/OFIs that you identified. In the corresponding section of your mini business plan, outline steps for implementing your solutions, clearly identifying the timelines and responsibilities for each task. The level of detail included here should be sufficient to allow smooth implementation of your solution.

By Friday, March 7, 2014, complete the fourth column, Metrics of Success, for the solutions that you identified. In the corresponding section of your mini business plan, create an appropriate matrix against which you can measure the success of each solution. Respond to at least two other classmate’s response before the end of the module.

The table below defines each team member’s tasks:

Student Names
Delivery Deadline
Team Member A
  1. Document the potential problems related to organizational structure in the Project Submission form and send it to Team Member B.
  2. Draft the Problem Identification section of the mini business plan, including the rationale for selecting the problems to be included in the plan, and send it to the team leader.
  3. Document the metrics for evaluating the solutions listed in the Project Submission form, and send it to the team leader.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

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