Art, analyze logo | Architecture and Design homework help

Finish in 24 hours.

Find 10 logo designs (5 bad logos and 5 good logos) and analyze them from the perspective of visual communication. For your next project you will be redesigning a logo for a social good organization or campaign, so it would be a good idea to explore logos for non-profit organizations, public awareness campaigns, and charities. Consider causes that mean something to you personally. 

The logos need to be from REAL organizations, companies, or campaigns. There are a lot of logos out there that are fake and just intended to be humorous, but those are not the ones we want to be looking at.

Below each design, write a paragraph explaining why the design is effective or  ineffective. Consider (any or all of) the following in your design analyses:

Communication – What does the logo communicate with its visual choices?

Restraint – Does every element seem intentional and necessary, or is there excessive decoration?

Effectiveness – Is the logo likely to reach its intended target audience? Why?

Typography – What does the typography communicate and how does it do this?

Color – What are the colors communicating?

Craftsmanship – How much time, thought, and craft seems to have been put into making this design?

Versatility – How would the logo look at small dimensions? Or in black/white?

Hierarchy – Which elements should be the most important in the hierarchy?

Interest and memorability – Does the brand look like a million other brands? How likely are you to remember it a few weeks or months from now? How will it hold up to the test of time?


The more details/considerations you analyze, the better your analysis (and grade) will be.


Do not be vague

Do not simply tell me it’s “just bad” or “just amazing”, but tell me why this is the case. What specific design decisions were poorly made, and what exactly made them a bad choice? What specific details reveal the quality of the design? How are certain elements (mis)communicating the message, representing the brand, or achieving the brand goals…etc.? What elements are distracting you from the message? etc.