Arm assembly | Computer Science homework help

i don’t want you to convert c++ to Assembly using a compiler i want you to write it yourself

do not write the code in c or c++ i want it in assembly language which i can run

im using Raspberry Pi to run it

Four Integer Stats

Write an ARM Assembly Language (I will not accept Intel Assembly code) program to prompt the user to enter four integers. Have your program output to the screen the four integers that were entered at the keyboard, along with the following: sum of the four integers, smallest value, largest value, and the average of the four values. You must utilize the scanf function for reading in the user input and the printf function for outputting the results to the screen.

Your Assembly Language Source File (.s extension)

Some example program executions:

Example 1:

Enter four integer values: 43 12 98 65

You entered 43, 12, 98, 65.

The smallest value is 12

The largest value is 98

The sum of all values is: 218

The average of the four values is: 54