Apa task | English homework help


This task has TWO PARTS. It should be completed as a Word document and attached below.

1. TASK ONE: create two pages with two different two headers:

 one for the title page

 one for a page in the body of the paper (page 2).

The full title of the paper is: Poetry in the Time of Video: A Critical Analysis of Two Creative Forces. You are only creating the headers. You do not need to create any copy for the body of the pages, just the headers.

2. TASK TWO: Compose the reference entry format using the following information from a article in a journal.  Begin by going to the ProQuest Database Platform. In one box, put “College Tuition” and the author box, change the author to “Kantrowitz, Mark. Find the article entitled “Causes of faster-than-inflation increases in college tuition.” Gather the APA citation for it and include it on page 3 of the document.

 Submit this all as one Word Document.