Angelica perez yesterday at 8:58 pm i noticed that the sample of


Angelica Perez

yesterday at 8:58 PM

I noticed that the sample of people used was pretty small, perhaps a bigger group to go off would have been more beneficial. For this particular research it would be interesting to see if culture or state (U.S) has a difference from others in regards to prejudice. Best of luck to you and your future, hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did!

Lastly, Reply to Crystal:

Crystal Kingsley

yesterday at 7:55 PM

Hi Lois,

I think this is an interesting article, however, its a case study. This would not qualify as a true experiment as there doesn’t appear to be any random assignment in sampling and there are no variables to manipulate and measure. A true experiment is essentially a systematic investigation that involves methods to explore whether an independent variable that is being manipulated has any effects on a dependent variable. For example, if researchers wanted to explore if DID is correlated with an increased risk in criminal behavior, the study could get participants with DID diagnosis and those without a DID diagnosis and then compare criminal history by having participants all fill out a self-reported survey on criminal behavior. In this example you have something you can measure, compare, and use statistics to explore a potential relationship.