Accounting 220- sec 10-k paper

  • 2 – 3 page paper, single spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt font, with double space between paragraphs. No more than 3

  • Your paper should comment on the financial statements for your company as they relate to the information presented in chapters 1-10 of your textbook, including the notes to the financial statements. ** Use headings in your paper such as Accounts Receivable and Inventory (topics from our textbook; other examples would be Balance Sheet and Income Statement).

  • The report will be submitted after Chapter 10. Do not consider information from Ch 11 – 26 in your paper.

  • Take care to avoid academic dishonesty. Write your paper, read it, and edit. Use your own words – you will be required to use which will indicate similarities to other sources.

  • Please include a brief introduction of your company as well as a conclusion/summary at the end.

  • Include the Income Statement and Balance Sheet as an attachment to your report (you can cut and paste directly from the 10-K report).

  • APA style is required for citations and a reference list.

  • Write your paper, in your own words, using accounting words from our textbook and explaining how these relate to the financial statements of your company

    6-point outline for the paper and presentation:

    1. Background of the company (example: mission, product, competition, industry, etc.)
    2. SWOT analysis of the financial status:
    • Strength
    • Weakness
    • Opportunities
    • Threats / Risks
  • Conclusion / your recommendations (buy/sell the stock?)