A brief description of two political, social, and/or technological

Discussion: Contemporary Human Services

Human services organizations do not operate in a vacuum. Like other nonprofit organizations, there are factors that affect them in a variety of ways. Specifically, political, social, and technological factors influence the way that human services organizations operate. In a rapidly changing society, these factors may play an important role for human services organizations as they attempt to keep pace with changes that affect them. These factors may also pose challenges that are difficult to overcome. For this Discussion, consider factors that pose challenges to human service administrators in carrying out organizational service duties.

By Day 4

Post a brief description of two political, social, and/or technological factors in human services and explain how those factors influence the operations of a contemporary human services or social services agency in your area. Provide an example of a human services organization you might be familiar with from anywhere in the world you have worked or been involved. Use the Learning Resources to support your response.