300 min word capitol punishment

Begin by heading the website The Marshall Project, and review the project created by them about capital punishment, titled, “What 120 Executions Tell Us About Criminal Justice in America”.  You can click here:  


After reviewing the entirety of the project, head to the section titled, “The Executed”, and pick one person listed in this section.  

Once you have reviewed the person’s case, write your discussion board post telling us about the case and person chosen, i.e. Why was the person you chose executed?  What are some things from his or her early life that you learned about?  Was there anything unique about their crime?  How long were they on death row?  How were they executed?   

Next, tell us about the state that the person was executed in, i.e. Does the state perform a lot or few executions?  What is the current legislation in the state regarding capital punishment?  Is there any flux of the death penalty legislation in that state right now?