Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Film It Needs To Be At Lea

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Film. It needs to be at least 1000 words. The film touches on social issues that form the basis of this study aiming at reviewing the social issues represented in the film.

Cultural beliefs and the need for personal independence is one of the social issues depicted in the film, Young and the Restless in China. Changes in the economic conditions in China from Maoism and socialism that advocated the respect of the Communist Party, serve people, and the country. However, these conditions resulted in the dissolution resulting in changes at a very fast rate affecting the young Chinese. Miranda Hong finds herself at crossroads between living in the reformed country and the guidelines from her parents from the Maoist period. She is forced to apply for college outside Beijing owing to the oppressive environment at her home since her parents were very strict. She is tone between following cultural guidelines on how to live her life, meet her husband’s demands, and be herself in the face of changes in the economic system. The other change evident in the social and cultural condition of China is the cutthroat competition of businesses resulting in widespread corruption by government officials for success. There is a large contrast between the situation and the Maoist system that existed before as explained through the life of Ben Wu in the course of his setting up his business and the need for trust and knowing people to be successful in China. Divorce and changing the belief system represent the culture changes in China since they were no divorce in earlier times but through the lives of Lu Dong. The other cultural changes in China are related to family and the need for education of the girl child that is slowly catching up. Marriage for a girl child was the norm with responsibilities including caring for the in-laws and field labour. However, through Yang Haiyan a number of changes including working away from her family and earning money to assist herself and not married her by her parents.

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