Gordon Rule Course Part Of Your College Experience Is The Ability To Critically


Part of your college experience is the ability to critically read and comprehend diverse ideologies and theories, to take detailed notes from class lectures, and compile historical information to express your knowledge in a given subject.  To meet this requirement, 1,200 words must be written on a homework assignment.

This assignment will consist of one, multi-part question.  Chicago Manual of Style rules of formal academic writing must be used on the homework assignment including a coversheet, an introduction statement in the first paragraph, standard rules of grammar and paragraph formation, and a word count of no less than 1,150 words (1,149 words or less will equate into an “F” for the assignment).  Your total word count must be noted at the end of your paper. Endnotes and/or a bibliography page for research used from outside sources (non-classroom material) must be included.  No more than 10% of the papers can be direct quotes (no copying and pasting of information allowed).  The homework assignment must be typed (d0uble spaced) and will be worth 100 points (25% of your final grade). DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANY INFORMATION – plagiarism will result in a failing grade: (see the NWFSC e-catalog for additional details).  The use of Wikipedia is against college academic policies and its use on this homework writing assignment will result in a failing grade. 

Answer the question with as much organized detail as possible, write clear/clean informative sentences, and proofread and edit your final draft.  You will lose points for sentence fragments and to write your paper in a professional manner avoid using catch-all words such as get/got, that, thing/s, stuff, very and was.  Be expressive and write tight (well structured) sentences.

Essay Question

In September 1796, President George Washington wrote his Farewell Address to the American people.  This document played a major role in defining the American people and the nation’s mission of promoting democracy.  In a 1,200 word essay, select three important warnings that Washington stressed to the American people.  Make sure that part of your discussion covers foreign affairs and the importance of the United States staying out of European driven conflicts (something the United States did until World War I).   The other two issues are domestic ones, and one hints toward a possible Civil War with the relationship between the North and the South, while the other one involves political parties.

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