Game Timeyou Have A Little Free Time On Your Hands And Decide To Create A Simple

Game Time

You have a little free time on your hands and decide to create a simple game. Utilize the design tools that you have learned this week to design and program a very simple game. Examples: Movie Trivia, Guess a number between 1-10, Dice, etc. Note: Avoid games with lots of complex combinations like card games, i.e. poker, unless you desire a surmountable challenge. The real goal is for you to demonstrate the use of the design tool to reduce the amount of time spent coding and error fixing.

For this project:

  • You will submit your python code in either the original .py file, or copied into a .txt file.
  • You will also submit evidence of the design tool being used to organize the logic of your program. This can be a screenshot, flowchart, hand-drawn, pseudocode, etc. uploaded as a Word DOC or DOCX.
  • A screenshot of your code having been executed (run). How to Take a Screenshot
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