Free Cash Flow The Financial Statements For Nike Inc Are Provided In Attched Fil

Free Cash Flow

The financial statements for Nike, Inc., are provided in attched file

a Determine the free cash flow for the most recent fiscal year. Assume that 90% of the additions to property, plant, and equipment were used to maintain productive capacity. Round to the nearest thousand dollars.

$ (in millions)

b. How might a lender use free cash flow to determine whether or not to give Nike, Inc., a loan?

Free cash flow is often used to measure the financial strength of a business. The   free cash flow that a business has, the easier it will be for the company to pay the interest on the loan and repay the loan principal.

c. Would you feel comfortable giving Nike a loan, based on the free cash flow calculated in (a)?

 . Nike’s free cash flow is extremely   and is well in excess of the capital expenditures necessary to maintain capacity

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