For This Assignment You Will Have The Opportunity To Develop A Scholarly Paper A

For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to develop a   scholarly paper about power and sample size determination. Within the content   of the paper, you will have the opportunity to examine three different   examples of sample size. Please use issues related to public health.

Select two journal articles where a sample size is identified using   the CSU Online Library databases for your search. Ensure the articles were   published within the past five years.

Be sure to include the following in the content of your paper:

In the first section, explain your thoughts concerning what would   have happened if the studies had a much smaller or limited number of   participants (instead of the number of participants they actually had) to   support a valid research study.

For the second section, explain your thoughts about what could have   happened if the researchers had too many participants (more than they   actually had), and this became a strain on finances and resources.

In the third section, explain how your selected research articles   incorporated key themes from power and sample size determination.

In the fourth section, identify why the samples in the studies were   estimated to be the right sizes for the population under study.

Next, explain how the margin of error, effect size, and variability   of the outcome affect sample size computations.

Finally, compare and contrast the three sample scenarios you   identified above (too many, too few, and the ideal number of participants)   for the two articles. How would the results have been similar or different   depending on the sample sizes? You may create a chart with columns and rows   for this final section.

Your paper must be at least three pages in length, and you must use   at least the two selected journal articles as references, but more may be   used if needed. Any information from a source must be cited and referenced in   APA format, and your paper should be formatted in APA style. 

See attached study guide for reference materials. 

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