For This Assignment You Will Find An Existing Knowledge Management Tool And Appl

For this assignment, you will find an existing knowledge management tool and apply it to a new area. For example, you may take a tool which has been historically used in a financial area and apply it to a medical informatics problem.

  • Find an existing knowledge management tool. This should be a tool which is open source, and is manageable for you to install in a reasonably short amount of time.
  • Once you have procured this tool and installed it, spend some time gaining a brief understanding of how the tool works and what some of its benefits are. Provide screenshots of the tool’s installation and some non-trivial examples of its functionality in an appendix.
  • Find an area of knowledge management to which this tool has not yet been applied. A few popular areas of knowledge management include:
    • IT Systems
    • Medical Informatics
    • Business Strategies
    • Project Management (including)
      • Integration
      • Scope
      • Quality
      • Communication
      • Risk
    • After selecting a new knowledge management area to which to apply this tool, create a report addressing the following:
      • Why did you select the tool? What are the main benefits that it provides?
      • What were some other possible tools you could have selected, and why did you choose this tool over them?
      • What is the new problem you are trying to solve using this tool? Why do you believe other tools have yet to be applied to this area? How will you go about using this tool? Provide evidence to support the need for this tool’s use in your new area.
      • How would you plan on implementing this tool? What would your next steps need to be? For this project, you are NOT expected to write any code or perform any data analyses, but you should have a solid plan of what your next steps would be to apply the tool to a new area.

Length: 6 – 8 pages, not including title page and references

Resources: A minimum of 5 scholarly resources

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.

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