Ways To Address Barriers To The Implementation Of Evidence Based Practice

Please provide a 3-4 sentence reply to the below discussion question answer.

Answer: One of the identified barriers from last weeks discussion was a lack of understanding of the literature or research process. Nurses, in general, believe in the evidence-based process to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes but without knowing how to perform research or how to critique research studies this will continue to perpetuate the issue of implementation. One solution is to provide research workshops to provide foundational knowledge, research ethics, and literature review techniques (Black et al, 2015). Another solution would be employing the use of facilitators, those that can help guide nurses in the research process, framing precise questions, assisting in literature review, aid in the critical appraisal process of the literature. The facilitator would have had to have some training in evidence-based practice methods (Dalheim et al, 2012).

Original Question: Consider an obstacle or barrier to the implementation of evidence-based practice you identified in last week’s discussion. What are two ways to address this problem?

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