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All health care providers need to be aware of the emergency protocols for all types of disasters. Nursing leaders need to be particularly knowledgeable of emergency management and preparedness procedures no matter what type of disaster or hazard occurs. Imagine that you are a new nursing leader, coming from a big city hospital, recently hired to work and lead in a small rural community hospital. You recognize that your small community hospital disaster plan needs to be updated to be an all hazards disaster preparedness plan. This project will be a big undertaking.

1. Describe what type of disasters this plan should include? 

2. How the project should begin? 

3. Who you would like to recruit to assist in this project? 

4. What resources are available to update the plan and how you will disseminate the plan throughout the organization? 

Needs to be at least one page and in APA format. Must include at least one nursing journal article from 2014-2019

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