Short Essay Paper


Your grade will be based on your thoroughness and completeness in answering each question. Each response must be based off of evidenced based research; I do not want your personal opinion. I want to know what you learned from the evidence you researched. You must include your resources cited in APA format.  Fifty percent will be deducted from any response that does not include outside resources.

 –  After researching and studying spirituality and religion, summarize how spirituality and religion differ? 

 –   How can a nurse provide spiritual care and assistance to a patient?

 –  Please explain the difference between culture and ethnicity. 

 –    How do you plan to become culturally competent and provide transcultural care?

 –  The Hot/Cold theory proposes that illnesses caused by heat or cold must be treated with substances having the opposite property. A Puerto Rican client believes she has arthritis because she rinsed her hands in cold water after washing her dishes in hot water. She believes if she eats “hot” foods like chili peppers, the symptoms will subside. Based on what you have learned about providing culturally competent care, how would you respond?  

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