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Please, respond to the following discussion by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older than 5 years. APA required without cover page. (one paragraph)

  Mr. Jones’ current non-compliance with treatment appears to be due to a disturbed body image and lack of education regarding the aging process. Although development of arthritis is not a normal change of aging, it is something that may happen due to the natural alterations in the musculoskeletal system (Tabloski, 2014). Bones become stiff, weaker and more brittle as people age and vertebral disc thinning is likely (Tabloski, 2014) . Osteoarthritis affects over 50% of individuals over age 65, restricting self-care ability – even more so when the recommended treatment regimen is not followed (Tabloski, 2014) . The nurse caring for Mr. Jones should continue to educate him on the risks of non-compliance such as falls and hip fracture. Talking to Mr. Jones about alternatives to pain medication (such as lifestyle changes like exercise, weight loss and healthy diet) may prove to be helpful in this situation. Mr. Jones believes that if he uses a cane to get around, he will be seen as undesirable to women and that is affecting his willingness to comply with his treatment. Reassigning the patient to (or collaborating with) a younger female nurse who is empathetic to how he feels may be helpful and he may decide to listen to her advice. The nurse could also collaborate with the physical therapist to teach Mr. Jones some exercises that he can do in the privacy of his home since he is concerned with his image (Kotter-Grühn, 2015). 

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