Responsibilities To The Profession Powerpoint Presentations And Discussion

Responsibilities to the Profession (Powerpoint presentations and discussion)
The purpose of the discussion this week is to explore the nurse’s responsibilities to the profession. As outlined by the ANA Code of Ethics, the professional nurse has an obligation to support the profession in a variety of ways.  ***Note:  Post your Power Point presentation into the Discussion Board and enter the Organization name into the Subject of the Discussion Board.  Then respond to two classmates presentations with chosen organizations different than you own.   

1-Discuss what you think your responsibility is to the profession?

2- Do you think that you have been upholding this duty?

3-Do you currently belong to any professional organization? Why or why not?What new organizations did you learn about as you viewed other student’s PowerPoint presentations? Did any of the organizations provide you with new information?

4-Which organizations are you interested in joining?

Your response should be written in your own words, consist of complete sentences, and should be at least two to three complete paragraphs.

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