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Milestones in Public Health

Class, there are many milestones in public health, but two that always come to my mind are vaccination and seat belts! The world’s first vaccine for smallpox was created by Edward Jenner in the late 1700s. Since then, vaccines have been developed for many other preventable diseases. According to Research America (n.d.), the CDC estimates that over the last 20 years, 700,000 children’s deaths have been prevented because of routine vaccination. That’s a large number!

Similarly, the number of motor vehicle deaths per year has largely decreased since the implementation of seat belts. I find this interesting! While developing a vaccine is complicated, as we see from the seatbelt example, an intervention does not need to be complicated to be successful. Hundreds of thousands of lives were saved by a simple invention to ensure people remained safe in their car!

What are some of your favorite public health milestones? Or milestones that you believe were important for public health?


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