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Discuss the difference between research utilization and evidence-based practice.

       Research plays an important role in the field of healthcare, medicine, nursing, clinical practice, psychology, and other concerned fields. The evidence-based practice and research utilization are part of the process in research. In some cases, they are presumed the same but in reality, they are different due to their scope. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the process that starts from planning to conducting research and finding pieces of evidence that can further be used for the application. The research utilization is a subpart of the EBP process as it concerns with research. Research utilization allows gathering information and knowledge through research which then can be used for application (Bussières, 2016). In the field of medical research evidence-based practice and research, utilization helps to improve the quality of life leading to a better and healthier life. In medicine, researchers research experiments and for example test a new drug and its effects, if it is successful, the results will be recorded along with its limitations. This knowledge will be further analyzed by the researchers or scientists who will use this information to incorporate that drug in an existing drug or reveal it as individuals that will be used by patients as a medicine to treat the respective disease. Evidence-based practice is a complete process that ends with the implementation of the research-based knowledge that has been tested to improve the patient’s health. EBP also helps to find a cost-effective healthcare method that is efficient and improve the patient’s health.

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