Research Proposal 19380933

The topic is ===>“Perineal care for infection control for postpartum care”

I have uploaded 2 attachments. The first attachment is a sample paper. Please make sure the paper looks just like the attachment and follow the directions. Please make sure to include subheadings just like the sample paper that is uploaded. and include 4 or 5 references. Make use the paper has an abstract that includes 250 words

On the second attachment includes what the research paper should include. Please follow the second attachment from page 5 on down. and the last page on the second attachment is the rubric to follow. Please make sure to follow the last page so that I could receive an “A” paper. Please attach on a different page links that I could click on to print the articles that you used for your resources and citations. The paper need to be 3-4 pages double spaced excluding cover page, abstract, page for the links, and reference page.

The articles need to be within 5 year. The paper needs to be specific perineal care to post partum for infection control. The article needs a problem/hypothesis statement in the article. For example, How can perineal care prevent infection with patient who are postpartum in the hospital. The article is suppose to be like you are faking a research but telling the plan using a survey of some sort from the articles that you find. The literature portion of the paper needs APA citations referencing all 4 articles that you find. And what was done to measure the problem or hypothesis that is started earlier in the paper. The article needs some sort of a survey to measure how you got the data of if perineal care prevent infection. Facts needs to be added to the abstract. You can say other literature states … <== And state statistics. What kind of analysis was done to obtain this data? The paper needs a research question(Quantitative data). for example “Out of 10 people with perineal care 9 did not have an infection”. The article needs to include a PICOT-Population,Intervention/indicator (Variable of Interest),Comparison/control,Outcome, and Time. And please attach links to the articles so that I can print the entire aritcle.

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