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Research Project: Case Study

Choose a real health care organization to study. Interview 1 key leader who is involved in the organization’s health care delivery. Based on questions asked and answers given, the report will summarize the questions and answers and then present detailed information evaluating the following:

  • Interdepartmental interaction, communications, team building activities and conflict resolution techniques, ethics and workplace diversity programming, proposed operational changes, and how these changes may impact operations and budgets

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 10 pages + at least 7 scholarly or peer-reviewed references.


ssignment Objectives

Assess communications channels vertically and horizontally in organizations and the implications.

Compose a plan to deal with issues in ethics and workplace diversity.

Differentiate between existing operations and proposed operational changes, including influences to operations and budgets.

Explain the differences between internal and external departmental interaction and how each can be controlled and monitored to achieve desired outcomes.

Plan team building activities and conflict resolution to overcome barriers to performance.

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