Insufficient Staffing

***Power Point**

Power point for presentation. not an essay.

Please follow instructions: APA style will be submitted
through save assignment Turnitin.

OMH Policy on minimum staffing.
Day Shift- 2 RN or 1 RN, 1 LPN: 6 (MHTA)- Mental health therapy assistant.
Evening shift- 1 RN, 1 LPN : 3 MHTA or 2 RN : 3 MHTA or 1 RN: 4 MHTA.

Admission wards must 2 RN, or 1 RN, 1 LPN : 4 MHTA. Day and evening shift.

Night shift 1 RN : 3 MHTA’s or 2 RN: 2 MHTA.
1 extra MHTA for additional 1:1 observation. For 1 observations must have 3 MHTA’s.

1. Lack of communication use (Communication theory). in text citation
2. Safety use ( Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) in text citation
3. Title page, introduction, body, pictures (Citation of pictures), Include two video on U-tube with links, references page for pictures/video, references for content.
4. Only use articles or references within 5 yrs **2013-2018** only please follow instructions with in text citations.
5. write base on the case study scenario. Please write in reference to the scenario attached.

Power Point.  (Creative and beautiful power point).  

First slide my name : Atinuke Jame RN

2nd: Introduction

Include pictures (cite Pictures)

Include Videos of Insufficient staffing with links to U-tube.

Reference page for videos/pictures

Reference page for Content.

Use only material within 2013-2018 only please, Real citation my professor checks. 

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