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You probably haven’t read Plato’s Republic before, but based on what the book tells you about it, what do you find most interesting about the republic that Plato builds? What detail or concept from the republic peaks your interest most? How do you think the Republic should be read – literally, idealistically, or as fiction?

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  • In chapter 2 Plato’s Republic is interpreted in a variety of ways. Plato refers to an ideal society that is divided up between the “richness and depth of the work.” What I find most interesting about the Republic is that the divisions that Plato assigned are not sexualized as male only guardians but that Plato takes into consideration that women can also be guardians. This common good that is talked about in this chapter is speaking of people who are virtuous and if people are not virtuous in Plato’s eyes then they are not truly good people.  Plato also believes that a moral way of life is the best way of living which wouldn’t be realistic in time. I believe that the Republic should be read as idealistic because separating two factions of society would not be as easy portrayed as in the book and living a moral life doesn’t always guarantee a common good life.

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    • I found it very interesting to read and its actually my first time reading it. In the Republic however, we encounter Socrates developing a position on justice and its relation to eudemonia (happiness).  He provides a long and complicated, but unified argument, in defense of the just life and its necessary connection to the happy life.

      I like when he talks about happiness and that happiness is about being good ,or something that the person has achieved to him/her self. Those kind of thing that we can found happiness in . And that the true happiness lies within yourself not other people . Its come from inside deep from the soul. However, after reading Plato’s republic, its makes me think about my values and if we Hold on to my values. I will find What  true, what I know is fair, and what I believe in are all values. Over time, the more I honor them, the better I will feel about myself. 

      I think Plato’s republic should be read as idealistically to make it easier to understand his point. 

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