Hellow I M Having Trouble With This Develop A C Console Application That Display

Hellow I’m having trouble with this.

Develop a C# console application that displays the two (2) following patterns separately, one below the other. Use for loops (hint: nested) to generate the patterns. All asterisks should be displayed by a single statement of the form Console.Write(“*”); which displays the asterisks leading up to the number value shown in the example. A statement of the form Console.WriteLine(); can be used to move to the next line. Note the sequence of each number in turn. Remember that this is two separate sets of loops which are used to generate these two patterns. You will need to deduce how the numbers are computed (they are the result of a computation) and where that computation will be placed in the loop structures. You may not hardcode the displayed numbers into your loops.

The two patterns should look similar to the following:

*2 **4 ***6 ****8 *****10 ******12 *******14 ********16 *********18 **********20 **********20 *********18 ********16 *******14 ******12 *****10 ****8 ***6 **4 *2

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