Hello I Study Introduction To Early Child Hood Education And This Is My Homework

hello I study INTRODUCTION TO EARLY CHILD HOOD EDUCATION , and this is my homework for chapter 9 ” creating envirement”.

 Q: In considering the interpersonal environment, teachers attend to noise level in what three ways?

 Q: Part of the temporal environment is the provision of routines for what kinds of activities? Name three.

Six Types of Parent/Family Involvement

 The six types of parent and family involvement offer a comprehensive program to help ensure that parents and other family members are empowered and supported in the educational process. One professional goal is to try to have some of your parents involved in all six of these types of parental involvement during a program year. Review the Prezi below to find more activities for involving parents in education.

Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS)

Q: Why and how you might use these activities in your teaching? 

A Parent-FriendlySchool: 

 The Stadium Drive Elementary School of the Arts in Lake Orion, Michigan, is a parent-friendly school. The PTA brings the school community together and encourages student involvement in affective and academic areas. The school hosts events such as the Mother-Son Dances, Daddy-Daughter Outings, Family Swim Night at the local high school, and a parent-directed Field Day to help get their parents involved at school.

 Visit the web site below to identify three (3) new ideas about parental involvement that can be used in your class.

Increasing Parent Involvement in the Schools

 4.  Complete the following “Diversity Tie-In” Activity.

Getting Hispanic Parents Involved in Schools

 Parents play a powerful role in their children’s educational development. Early childhood programs must make efforts to involve parents and families of all children. Unfortunately, many minority parents are not included at all or to the extent to which they should be in their child’s education. Hispanic children will comprise 25 percent of all school-age children by the year 2025. It is critical for schools to find new ways to welcome and involve Hispanic parents in the education of their children.

Q: Identify three (3) strategies that you feel are significant. Explain the value of incorporating these strategies in your classroom. 

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