Hello I Am Writing An Ai Program In Python For The 2048 Game An I Have A Few Heu


I am writing an AI program in python for the 2048 game an I have a few heuristics that I would like to find the optimal weight for. I know that you can use the CMA-ES algorithm to do this, and I know that python has a cma interface. But I am a little confused on how to use it to optimize my weights. Attached is my very rough program, and the weights I am trying to optimize are in the eval function, could someone who knows how to use the cma package take a look and give me a tutorial on the points that I would need to know to use it? I’m not asking for the answer just a tutorial outlining what I would need to know to input an arbitrary function, specify the weights to optimize, how to run it on my program, etc… Thank you

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