Hello I Am Struggling With The Chemistry Discussion Question And Would Like An A

Hello, I am struggling with the chemistry discussion question and would like an answer for it.

Thank you.


Demonstrate how to convert the number of atoms into mass or moles.

Explain how the mole ratio is derived from the chemical equation and its fundamental importance in solving for amounts in chemical reactions.

Demonstrate the use of the mole ratio in problem solving through dimensional analysis.

This discussion board is designed to accompany the materials in Chapter 4 which discusses molarity and solute concentrations.


Professionals in a scientific laboratory and in the healthcare field need to accurately prepare solutions for a number of reasons. If you wear contacts, you probably use a saline solution to rinse your contacts.

What solutions do you use at work? How would you calculate the amount of solute to the solvent to make the solution?

If you do not wear contacts but you use or make cleaning solutions for your housework, how would you accurately prepare solutions to clean?

What solutions do you use that use percent concentration?


Use the materials in your textbook or from online sources to learn/review molarity. Remember to cite your sources.

Respond to at least two other students.

Contribute to an ongoing discussion by responding to comments made to your posting or to comments made by other students to other postings.

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