Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Yala Swamp Conflict It Needs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Yala Swamp Conflict. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The aim of the project was to prevent degradation of the wetland and improve the lives of local people (Davenport 4). However, despite the project’s endeavor, it raised conflicts between the local communities on one side and county councils and the Dominion, founders of the project, on the other side. This, therefore, led to the emergence of Yala swamp conflict from the year 2003 to present.&nbsp.It has caused a great attention and concerns that many African countries experience conflicts especially as a result of resource depletion and environmental degradation. As the U.S. United Nations delegate, I have been assigned a Judy to arbitrate an aspect of dispute in the Yala swamp conflict that exist between two sides, the one on the local community and the one on the Dominion and country council. After conducting my research on the disputing issue, I realized that the development project meant to improve the condition of Yala swamp was the main source of conflict (Davenport 11). I have been able to analyze and gain an understanding of the nature of the moral dimensions of conflict in the region. The conflicting parties are actually the stakeholders of the project where one party, the local community, is affected by the development project while the other party of both dominion and country council are the exploiters.&nbsp.I also understand that conflict has emerged as a result of incompatible goals, which depend on contested natural resources. I realized that the local community feels deprived of the right to use land for farm by the development project hence contesting for the natural resources. Furthermore, this community lives in extreme poverty and therefore desire to acquire more land. Land conflict result to environmental degradation when a community is squeezed into a limited area and cause pressure on it.&nbsp.

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