Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Why Are Tropical Countries S

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Why are tropical Countries so poor. It needs to be at least 500 words.

As a point of clarity, in this case the term Institutions are in reference to establishments such as hospitals, schools, the military, as well as civil and media services that have been set up usually by the government to help in the everyday activities of the nation. Having given these examples, one can see how development cannot be achieved without the presence of proper institutions in place (Komives, 2005). For example, a country without efficient medical facilities would be hindered in the process of development as they fought against diseases that would no doubt attack and ravage their nation as a result (Blastland, 2009).

Tropical countries are a good example of how poor institutions have hindered the progress of certain parts of the country and as a result left many of the members from that area languishing in poverty (Ravallion, Chen & Sangraula, 2008). The lack of well ground institutions such as schools especially of the higher learning category (that is, colleges and universities) in rural areas have left the members of those societies unable to match up to their counterparts in the cities and thus as a result they are unable to get well paying jobs and are limited to minimal career roles that hardly have a valid future in their prospects such as janitors and messengers (Greif, 2006). Their inability to climb up the professional ladder due to a lack of sufficient education ensures that they are not able to get higher paying jobs and better their lives in the process all as a result of a lack of proper institutions for education. The lack of proper institutions in these tropic countries have led to only a chosen few (being the financially wealthy) being able to get ahead and better their lives (Kristof, 2009). In a country like Haiti, for example, statistics show that over half the population live below the poverty line, this can be said to be because of lack of properly set up institutions in the country (Solley, 2005).

The establishment of good

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