Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Venue And Destination Manage

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Venue and Destination Management. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

This paper will try to analyse in depth the marketing plan and marketing communication techniques of a destination marketing organisation (DMO) focused on the conference / convention market – specifically – the Louisville Marketing Plan 2011-12.

Destination marketing is a strategic approach towards building or continuing brand awareness of a certain locality to increase visitor traffic. It is focused on the visitor as it employs economic and cultural approaches to balance expectations of visitors with their experience from service providers and the community. Thus, it involves strengthening the capacity of a community or a locality / region in order to meet marketplace supply and demand, benefit on opportunities, as well as sustain vitality (Martin, 2002).

e. Unique or boutique destination which may be a typical and local destination with a special appeal such as “best known” (DMAI, 2012) for something locally produced – like cuisine, fashion, furniture, jewelleries, amongst others.

The destination marketing organisation (DMO) is therefore tasked at promoting a town, a city, region, or country with the aim to increase visitors. It engages in coordinated effort on promotion and development of convention sales, tourism marketing and services in the area (Clark, 2006. Ford and Peeper, 2008).

Aside from the DMO, the components that contribute to the performance and output of destination marketing efforts are local and private sector actors, regional, national and international actors. From the local actors are the public sector, political leaders and managers, urban planners, business developers, tourist/public information bureaus, and managers of infrastructure that includes education, health, transportation and sanitation. Under the private sector group are businesses, real estate developers, financial institutions, gas and

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