Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Understanding Financial Stat

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Understanding financial statements. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

The main rationale of this report is to examine the financial position and performance of Sandell and to suggest Parveen whether she should accept the position of sales director.

The financial statement of the company focuses on the various areas of the financial performances. Comprehending financial statement is necessary for the achievement of goals of a company. The main aim of this report is to evaluate the financial performance of the Sandell Plc. The report has focused on the key features and purpose of Sandell Plc. It also led emphasis on the importance of clean audit reports and good corporate governance. An analysis of the ratios indicates that the liquidity position of the company is not good and the solvency ratios have also increased which will have a negative impact on the company. Further, the operating cash cycle has decreased as compared to previous year which signifies that Sandell will require more time to acquire its cash.

Sandell Plc is listed on the United Kingdom’s AIM (Alternative Investment Market). It is one of the building merchant which supplies ironmongery, landscaping materials, heating and plumbing, timber, decorating and painting, sheet materials, insulation and dry lining, door and carpentry, and power and hand tools.

The expansion which is desired by Sandell has not yet took place and therefore the company offered Parveen an incredibly generous compensation package in order to apply a new strategy of sales to support the expansion of Sandell into new markets of Western Europe. So, the main purpose of Sandell Plc is to hire a sales director to focus on the areas which are not contributing to sales and then they will take necessary steps accordingly to augment sales and growth of the company.

The total assets of the company incorporate the current and non-current assets. Current assets have increased in relation to previous year and the non-current assets are

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