Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Theoretical Writing Assignme

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Theoretical Writing Assignment. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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Cultivation theory According to Gerbner (1969), television determines how a person looks at society. Television is broadly accessible to all people. Moreover, as Gerbner (1969) says, television is becoming very powerful because it is seen as a part of modern living and personal lifestyle. Unlike other types of media, television is one media of mass communication that is accessible to people right from childhood (Bryant &amp. Zillmann, 2002). In this case, the television becomes the main way that people have acquired information, both general information and cultural reality. In this regard, as people grow old, television becomes a major part of determining how they view things. Reality is based on the general information that people gather while growing up. Because of this, it can be said that a person’s reality is based on the information they have gathered over time, whether in a formal or an informal way. A child in Africa who has no television may have a completely different view of reality from one in the United States. In the developed world, television has become the centre of cultural learning. Cultural artefacts are learnt through television. Television is a perfection of the society. Because most of the programs in television are fiction acted out by a well directed model, it creates the perfect world for individuals. The role of television in the modern developed world can be best understood by looking at the way culture was passed on before mass media. Cultural festivals were important in every society as a way to hand down important cultures. In this case, the cultural festivals and other cultural norms passed down from the older generation acted as a way to create a reality for the society. It is important to note that even in early days before the arrival of modern mass media most of the cultural reality was created with the intention to achieve something. Modern television may be geared towards cultivating a reality that will promote consumerism to the benefit of the corporate world (Gerbner, et al., 1986). In the past, these perceived realities were created as a way to preserve the society and make people easy to govern. Looking at television, one can identify that television is just a modern extension of the tradition ways of passing on reality to the society. Before television, society created reality by telling specific stories which were told to children since they were young and this created a reality for them. There has not been much change about this due to a number of reasons. First, a look at television shows that deletions is used to tell (factious) stories which are bent towards changing the way an individual thinks about reality (Paisley &amp. Stone). This is why over fifty percent of American believes that there are aliens who have visited this plant with UFOs despite there being no scientific evidence of such events. Violent TV shows There has been a greater debate ion how violent television shows affects an individual, especially young adults. This debate is very important because it has very serious implications. Most people still believe that the various grass incidences of mass shootings in public schools and other public places by young adults has been caused by violent video games.

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