Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Report Of The Applicatio

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The report of the application of systemic and complexity thinking in organizational development. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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The author’s further examination reveals that some leaders embrace and easily adapt to a liberal manner of thought in which new concepts and ideas are developed while others are stuck to a conservative way of thought or liberal thinking. The organizational leaders that are stuck to the conservative way of thought have no interest in understanding the systemic and complexity of thinking. This lack of interest prevents them from adopting the thinking strategy and consequentially, they cannot be able to enjoy the benefits of liberal thinking since they are stuck to making decisions which are on the basis of conventional linear thinking. If a person wants to adopt the systemic and complex way of thinking, they need to ask themselves some several questions. Some of the questions that the author has presented as very important in asking oneself in order to help a client or person to appreciate the limitations of linear mechanistic thinking are. how does the organization view itself within its existing environment?. what is its purpose. what are its challenges?. how are its relationships with others?. what is being done and what is not being done?. among others that will be pointed out later in the essay. It is also important that clients not only understand what systemic and complex thinking entails, but also get to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to help them practice this skill even with the absence of a consultant. Analysis of Opinions The author emphasizes on the need of understanding organizational development and its work and how systemic and complexity thinking can be applied in real terms. The consulting work of organizational development creates an opportunity for applying systemic and complexity thinking to practical issues. Consultants describe their work as giving help to people that work in organization in order to achieve the results that they are all aiming for. However, this is only but a theoretical definition. Learning and personal development processes can be established through effective organizational development efforts. Organizational development is therefore aimed at implementing change through a better understanding of how complex, adaptive systems operate. The relation of this to leadership is that for a leader to initiate change, they first have to take into consideration the reactions of the organization and members of the organization as a whole. This is because change has the capability of enhancing the performance of an organization in either a positive or a negative way. This therefore leads to changes in the cultural behaviors of people within the organization. Process consultation is a branch of work in organizational development. Through this process, a client is able to understand the process activities that are taking place in their environment and get to know how to act upon them. This process as part of systemic and complexity thinking helps the client and the organization to have a better relationship with each other. It also helps the client to get in to a place of reflective learning and personal discovery. Therefore, in essence, the leadership, through process consultation, is able to build the client and also build their organization. They build the client since they give the client a chance to provoke their thinking to one of complexity.As pointed out earlier, this helps in improving the consultant-client relationship.

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