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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Symptoms, transmission, treatments, and prevention of the HPV virus. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

It is indisputable that the greater the degree of abnormality the greater the risk of cancer. Cervical cancer develops due to various factors and HPV infection is a significant factor.

As such, recurring HPV infections have been identified, as the chief cause for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer develops due to various factors and HPV infection is a significant factor. It claims a large number of female lives, all over the world.

Immunization Practices (ACIP) it was stated that. “HPV is a necessary but not sufficient cause of all cervical cancers. Approximately three fourths of all cervical cancers in the United States are squamous cell. the remaining are adenocarcinomas” (Markowitz, March 23, 2007).

Despite the fact that HPV causes cervical cancer, not all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. According to this study, HPV is not the only reason for cervical cancer, although on many occasions its presence was observed, while detecting cervical cancer. Thus, HPV is not the sole cause for cervical cancer. HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. In some cases, the HPV infection persists even after several years have elapsed after sexual contact with an infected person.

In accordance with these studies, HPV is not the only cause for Cervical Cancer. However, it was detected in the majority of the cases. In the US, squamous cell and adenocarcinomas have been seen to be the active cause for Cervical Cancers, in three – fourths of the cases.

The following discussion makes it clear that Cervical Cancer can be prevented, if HPV infection is detected at an early stage. Nevertheless, such infection cannot be detected in the initial stages, on account of the absence of symptoms.

A study conducted by Vanslyke, Baum, Plaza et al declared that “Cervical cancer is a preventable disease resulting from infection with high-risk types of sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses (HPVs). Public

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