Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Should The U S Intervene In

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Should the U.S. intervene in some way in Syria or should it stay out. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Assad of backing up Kurdish rebels with the intention of inflaming pressures between the Turkey and Kurds. American intervention could therefore contain the situation and avoid more conflicts (Yossi 56).

United States’ involvement in Syria could form a fortification against terrorist groups such as the Al Qaeda. American can only achieve this by equipping and training trustworthy partners in Syria’s interior opposition. Most of these extremists have found safe havens in the non-administered spots in Syria. American move will not only assist Syria but the American too by apprehending some of these extremists and bringing them to justice (Zisser 24).

Additionally, American involvement on Syria might mend associations with crucial allies like Qatar and Turkey. The prime minister of Turkey and his Qatari equivalent have condemned America for presenting only non-fatal backing to the revolt. Both approved the establishment of a no-fly area and “secure areas” for civilians in the territory of Syria yet these precautions will end the conflict (Perthes 65).

Lastly, American intervention in Syria might culminate a dreadful human-rights catastrophe in Syria and halt the migration of emigrants, which is establishing a liability on bordering states. President Obama guaranteed prior this year to reinforce the government’s capacity “to predict, avoid and act to mass and genocide atrocities.” As a result, United States can avoid and stop the atrocities by positioning allies in the front-run and thereby avoid slithering down the greasy slope to ground warfare (Tucker and Roberts89).

One of the cons for US intervention in Syria is the huge American’s debt. American debt is a threat its national security and economic stability. American debt has already raged over the $16 trillion dollar obligation mark. Keep in mind that United States’

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