Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Rrs7 It Needs To Be At Least

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on RRS7. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The writers tone in this story especially as it begins is that of anxiety and tension. The author also uses a defenseless tone. He illustrates the struggle Gregor goes through as he tries to get himself out of bed. The way he even had to push himself down onto the carpet and then attempting to lift himself up using the drawers. He struggled to open the door. He had to use his mouth to turn the lock. In his state, no one seemed to understand. No one appeared to hear his silent inner cry. At his workplace, it was all work and nobody cared. His manager was here with threats, threats of telling the Chief that Gregor is not doing his work yet he did not even listen to him. The dad could not help him too despite having seen him struggle. Instead, he pushed him inside so that he can change and get to work.

The impact of the sound depicts a man who longs for freedom. It is as if he was a prisoner in his home and workplace. He wanted to be loved, appreciated and listened to by both his boss and family for what he gave up for them. He longed to make his decisions and be trusted to do so. He longed for freedom from the job he disliked, yet had to do for the sake of his family. He longed to be free from all the pain caused by his state.

Gregors family does not value Gregors health and happiness, but what he can give them. It values what he can bring home for them, and that is why they were still forcing Gregor to wake up and go to work instead of finding out what is wrong with him. It was a selfish and uncaring family. The mother is the only one who seemed to defend Gregor a bit. She is the only one who defended him against his manager by saying that he could be sick.

Currently, a similar and most occurring situation in almost every part of the work lies in governance. In some countries, more so in Africa, once the leaders are chosen to public office, instead of using the office and the funds to develop the country, they use it for personal benefit. Leaders elected in

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